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Understanding Shared Hosting

For small business owners and individuals looking to jump-start their online site, a Shared Hosting platform is suitable. But what is and why do you need shared hosting?  

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If you wish to create a website or set up email addresses connected to your domain, you will need a hosting account to house and archive all your information and data. Shared Hosting defines the hosting type, and the concept is in the name – sharing. With Shared Hosting, the website can share a server with many other websites and accounts. To send you a visual image, imagine your website as living in an apartment building inhabited by other residents. 

Shared Hosting is the easiest option for shared space and is ideal for small businesses, people, and independent websites. However, while the cost is low, the advantages of the Shared Hosting account are also worthwhile. Users enjoy various email addresses, simple setup of WordPress, different domains, and more. 

Shared Hosting Plans Offered By Best Hosting

We have three types of Shared Hosting plans Starter, Professional, and Business. The package you choose will be based on your preferences when you launch your web hosting journey. The Starter Package is a good starting point for both small companies and individuals. Up to two domains and five databases will be accessed on the Starter Package. The Professional Package offers additional tools for improved results and makes access to 35 websites.  The business plan helps you to host one hundred websites and offers you access to Best Hosting Pro Level Service. Not sure which one to pick from? Don’t worry, you can still update your hosting plan while your website is rising.

Benefits Of Shared Hosting

There are many benefits to Shared Hosting, which makes the price point much sweeter. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a Shared Hosting account.


Our robust email is compatible with all desktop clients including Outlook and Apple Mail and runs on any iPhone or Android device. You will also be able to block spam by using Spam Filters, which are included with all Shared Hosting plans for free.

Websites, Blogs, and eCommerce

You’ll be able to easily install over 400 different applications on your website. Once the website is built, you’ll be able to keep your blog or eCommerce site up-to-date with one click.

Website Designing

We’re fully compatible with the web’s most popular design tools including Adobe Dreamweaver and iWeb. Don’t want to build your own site? No problem! Request a beautiful one-page site or a fully custom site from our experienced web design team.