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Shared Hosting Can Accommodate How Many Sites?

You can host a variety of websites depending on your company’s needs. How many websites your company wants represents the kind of shared hosting service that you want. Knowing this will allow you to determine what is in your business’ best interest. If your company, website, and consumer needs to expand, you will still be able to update your plan.

The information below outlines how many websites you can host with your account. This will help you decide which plan is best for you.

How Many Websites You Can Host With Shared Hosting?

When setting up websites, you can use addon domains and/or subdomains. It’s important to understand the differences between an addon domain and a subdomain.

  • An addon domain is a completely unique website with its own domain (like
  • A subdomain is a separate website that shares a domain with an addon domain (like

Think of addon domains as your main websites, and subdomains as extensions. You can use subdomains for the following websites:

  • A blog
  • eCommerce Store
  • Any business-relevant website that compliments the main website.

We will clarify the number of websites per program, after knowing domains and subdomains. Three key domains with unique domain names will be open to Starter Plan customers. The users can also build ten subdomains connected to the key websites.

The Business plan, most popular, lets you create up to 100 sites. On top of that, there is no limit to the number of subdomains a user can create.

Upto 2 WebsitesUpto 10 WebsitesUpto 50 Websites
Upto 10 Sub-DomainsUpto 50 Sub-DomainsUnlimited Sub-Domains

Advantages of Hosting Multiple Sites

First, determine the number of websites the business requires prior to signing up for a shared hosting account. You may want a blog or eCommerce shop on an existing subdomain of the website. If you have time and money, hosting several websites can be lucrative. For starters, many bloggers add to their profits by hosting a range of blogs. You will also host different eCommerce shops for different companies/websites.