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Difference Between Business & Shared Hosting?

If you’re looking for a decent shared hosting package and are searching for hosting platforms and services, you’ve already heard that shared hosting is referred to as business hosting and shared hosting. So what’s business hosting, and is there a difference? The fast answer: business hosting is shared hosting. 

As in other sectors, when consumer patterns and consumer expectations change, so will the name of the product or service. Shared hosting, business shared hosting, and business hosting all relate to the same thing. This product is a shared server hosting account that makes it easy to set up a fast web presence. The Business Shared Hosting Platform is also ideal for small and medium-sized companies and people with smaller websites.

Other Shared Hosting Plans

In addition to business hosting or business shared hosting, there are other plans and services that fall under the general shared hosting umbrella. 

Users who have opted to use WordPress to build their website can opt for a WordPress Optimized Hosting Package. The WordPress Hosting Package provides the customer with a cloud space designed for high performance and WordPress stability. For more casual customers, there are also Reseller Hosting services, which make it easy to resell and handle storage space to others. Both WordPress and Reseller hosting plans are shared hosting plans and they also require users to share domain space and services. At this time Best Hosting doesn’t offer Reseller Hosting.

For most users, as they begin their digital journey, a Business Shared Hosting account is a perfect start. Without the need to apply advanced configurations or settings, you can launch a website quickly and easily. Also, as the business or website grows, you can always upgrade your hosting plan.