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Aspects Of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting plans are ideal for small businesses and individuals looking to set up a web presence. The price point is poor, but cheap does not always mean low quality. Our Shared Hosting plans provide a range of flexibility and security features at a great price. This article covers the essential aspects of our shared hosting plans.

Website Management


Each of our Shared Hosting plans allows users to set up a number of domains and databases at once. No matter your current and future plans, a Shared Hosting plan will be able to support your business and web presence as it grows.

Disk Space12 GB32 GB80 GB
Bandwidth1500 GB3000 GB6000 GB


Shared Hosting users will be able to conveniently configure and manage their cPanel account. CPanel or Control Panel is an easy-to-use application that helps you to access addresses, domains, data, and more. Below is a quick list of the settings and configurations you’ll be able to manage in cPanel.

  • Email Accounts
  • DNS Settings
  • Domain File Paths
  • PHP Settings
  • Backups
  • Server Metrics
  • Files
  • SSL Certificates


More advanced users will also be able to use Secure Shell (SSH) to complete tasks that cannot be completed in cPanel. SSH, which is remote command-line access to a server, can also help users speed up certain server management tasks.


Free SSL & Paid SSL

All Shared Hosting accounts come with free SSL that users can enable once the plan is purchased. Though the free SSL is perfect for most, users also have the option to purchase an additional SSL certificate via the Account Management Panel (AMP). The SSL certificate is used to secure your website and acts as visual reassurance to visitors that your website can be trusted.

Server Scans

Our Shared Hosting users will also enjoy free server scans. Whenever you suspect malicious activity on your server, you can submit an account scan ticket request.

Backups & Data Restoration

Backups and restore requests are simple for shared hosting users. Automated backups are conducted every 24-48 hours for user convenience and overwrite the previous backup. In addition, for accounts under 10 GB, users can request the restoration of the AMP data, which restores the backup of the website. However, users can also take care of their own backups and restores, as suggested by the Backup Manager.