Discover the UAE with the Local Guide Program

The UAE is full with differences and unforgettable experiences, offering unlimited exploration. The Local Guide Program by Google helps residents and visitors discover this dynamic country’s hidden gems and renowned sites.

You enrich your community and help others make decisions by joining the Local Guide Program. Reviews, images, and suggestions about local businesses and attractions help fellow explorers and promote local companies. Your donations can increase small businesses’ credibility and reach, helping the local economy.

Local Guides can earn points for early access to new Google features and invitations to special events. This program also lets you improve your photography, writing, and digital mapping skills. Your tips and photos can reach thousands, making them valuable.

The Local Guide Program takes you to the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, local souks, and hidden jewels in less-visited neighborhoods. Writing descriptive descriptions and taking good photos helps others appreciate each place’s uniqueness. Keeping business information current gives locals and tourists accurate facts.

Joining the UAE Local Guide Program lets you share your experiences. Start contributing today to shape UAE perceptions!