Discover Luxury and Comfort at Voco Hotel UAE

Voco Hotel UAE combines luxury and wellness for discriminating travellers. Our luxury hotel has a state-of-the-art medical fitness centre that meets your fitness goals and promotes your health.

Advanced facilities and a staff of medical professionals make the Voco Hotel UAE Medical Fitness Centre a health oasis. Our medical fitness centre has everything you need for maximum health, from a vigorous workout in our fully equipped gym to a customised health examination.

Expert health practitioners do personalised health exams at our fitness centre. Your health plan will be tailored to your needs and wellness objectives after your assessment. Our centre has the newest health technology to track your health and progress with diagnostic tools.

Our spa offers exquisite spa treatments and relaxation therapies to rejuvenate mind and body. From deep tissue massages to purifying wraps, each treatment is designed to improve your health and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Voco Hotel UAE believes healthy guests are happy guests. Our medical fitness center is more than just a facility — it’s a cornerstone of our dedication to making your stay better. Stay at Voco Hotel UAE for a rejuvenating getaway.