Sunday, May 31, 2020
How to Setup Google Search Console Account

How to Setup Google Search Console

Google Search Console is also a free tool from Google which helps us understand our website performance from SEO point of view. It shows how Google is ranking your website, which keywords are driving traffic to your website and what is your average position in Google Search.

Previously, we have created a Google account which we will be using through-out the blog series so if you don’t know how to create one then please follow How to Setup Google Analytics Account from Step 1 to Step 6 and if you already have a Google account, then follow steps as below.

Step 1

Please open URL in your browser and click on Start now to create your account.


Step 2

As we have previously created the Google account using our email address, hence we will login here by entering email & password. If you do not have Google account yet, then please create one.


Step 3

If you want to track your entire site then select Domain otherwise you can select URL Prefix. Please note that URL Prefix will only track that specific URL only.

We want to track our entire website (all URLs) hence we will select the Domain option. After entering our domain name, will click on the Continue button.


Step 4

As a next step, Google will ask you to verify the ownership of the domain. They do provide several options like verify by uploading a file, via Google Tag Manager account or even by adding the DNS records in your hosting. Please select the one most suitable for you. If you need more time to decide which option works for you, you can verify this at the later stage as well.

I am going to add the DNS records to verify my domain ownership.


Step 5

After adding DNS record, I have clicked the Verify button and was able to verify in my first attempt.


Step 6

Once you will click on the GO TO PROPERTY button, Google will take you to the Google Search Console home of your website.



You have successfully created your Google Search Console account and now Google will start indexing your website. It might take a few days depending on your website traffic volume before you will start seeing some performance numbers on your Dashboard.

Please get in touch if you are stuck at any step or not sure what information you should be entering as part of the account creation process.

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