Monday, June 1, 2020
How to Setup Google Analytics Account

How to Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google which helps us understand user behaviors on our websites. This gives us insights about how people are consuming content on our website, how they are browsing pages, how much time they are spending on each page and much more. This tool also helps us measure key goals which are important for our business like Form Submissions, Brochure Downloads or Purchases on our websites to name few.

I am writing a step-by-step guide for you to signup for a free Google Analytics account.

Step 1

First of all, visit

On this page, you can read all the features of Google Analytics and once you are ready, click on “Start For Free” button


Step 2

Here, Google will ask you to either Sign in or Create Account

If you already have a Google associated account like a Gmail account, Google Adwords or any other Google product account, then you can use that or you can create a new account here.

In my case, I want to use hence I will create a Google account using my email address.


Step 3

On this step, I will have two options here.

  1. Sign up using my official or company email address
  2. Create a new Gmail account

As mentioned earlier, I will be using my MyClickGuide email address but if you do not have any and would like to create a Gmail account, then you can choose that option here.

I am filling all the details considering I am using


Step 4

Sometimes, Google does ask for email verification and sometimes, they ask at the later stage. In case they will ask you right away, just open your email and Copy the code in the box which was set by Google via email and click on Verify button.


Step 5

Enter your personal details here and click on the Next button. Please note that only Date of Birth & Gender is mandatory whereas Mobile Number is optional.


Step 6

Scroll down to read the Google Agreement and click on I Agree button to proceed further.


Step 7

Your Google account sign up process was completed at this stage. Google will ask you now to finally Sign up for Google Analytics.

Click on the Sign up button to proceed for the Google Analytics setup.


Step 8

Here, please select whether you would like to track your audience on a website or on a mobile app. We will select Website for now and I will write another blog to talk about Mobile App tracking.

Enter all the relevant information and decide whether or not to leave all the checkboxes ticked at the bottom of the page to share information with Google before clicking on the Get Tracking ID button.


Step 9

Google will ask you one more time to select your country and accept their terms & conditions. This more likely due to the GDPR privacy concerns.

Select your country, tick both checkboxes for I Agree and finally click on the I Accept button at the bottom of the page.


After clicking on the I Accept button, you should see the tracking code page from Google Analytics.

You have successfully created your Google account & Google Analytics account.

Follow my next blog to read about how to implement this tracking code on your website.

Do provide your feedback or drop me a line if you are stuck at any step.


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